From 2020 we will apply 30 percent tax

From January 2020 we will apply 30 percent on your payment. You can see your new tax deduction if you login to our website at, this will be available from the 6th of January. This will also be printed on the payment specification that you will receive when payment is made in January.

Previously we have applied the local tax rate for monthly payments over the limit of 14 000 kronor. The local tax rate is in many cases below 30 percent. The National Government Employee Pensions Board is often not the main payer. Definition of the main payer is the one that pays out the largest amount of money. The non-main payer, meaning in most cases SPV, should apply 30 percent in tax.

This is how the tax deduction works

As the non-main payer SPV will deduct 30 percent tax. If the pension that you receive from SPV is the main payer we should deduct tax according to the local tax rate. If so you would need to send us an email or letter notify us that we are the main payer.

Your tax is dependent on your total income

If you receive pension from several different payers your tax deductions in total could be too low. To make sure that you not owe tax to the Swedish Tax Agency you can raise the tax deduction with the main payer.

Read more about taxes at the Swedish Tax Agency Website

If you want us to reduce the tax deduction below 30 percent

If you want us to reduce the tax deduction you would need a decision regarding reduced tax rate from the Swedish Tax Agency. You can apply on the Swedish Tax Agency website.

We will remove extra tax deductions in kronor

If you have an extra tax deduction specified in kronor each month we will remove this from January 2020. If you need a higher tax deduction you can contact the main payer to raise the tax deduction. If SPV is the main payer you can login and request us to raise the deduction, for example to 35 percent instead of 30 percent. This requires an Swedish e-Id.

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Your payments

You can see your payments if you login to Dina Pensionssidor at (this requires an Swedish e-Id). You can also see the pre-tax amount and the tax paid in each month on the payment specification that you will receive in January when the payment is sent or if your amount changes.

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