Living abroad

If you move abroad or are already living abroad, there are some things that you should keep in mind.

Persons moving abroad

If you are moving abroad you must submit your new address and the account number to which your pension should be paid.

What to do when moving abroad

  1. Submit your new address to the Swedish Tax Agency. For more information about how to do this, see the Swedish Tax Agency's website. We will automatically receive your new address from the Swedish Tax Agency.
  2. We pay out your pension to the bank account you have selected. Since we collaborate with Swedbank for pension disbursement, you must notify them your account. If you have a Swedish account, you can register with Swedbank's account records on their website. Alternately you can register by filling out a form and returning it to Swedbank.

Special income tax (SINK tax) if you work in Sweden and live abroad

Special income tax applies to persons working in Sweden but living abroad (SINK tax).

Persons living abroad

If you are receiving pension and living abroad, you need to submit an annual Life Certificate. You send your Life Certificate to the Swedish Pensions Agency or to us at SPV. The Life Certificate is a way for persons living abroad to show that they are still alive.

If you are receiving pension from the Swedish Pensions Agency

If you are receiving pension from the Swedish Pensions Agency, you only need to submit a Life Certificate to the Swedish Pensions Agency. We will automatically receive information from the Swedish Pensions Agency when your Life Certificate has been received. For more information about Life Certificates, visit The Swedish Pensions Agency´s website.

Swedish Pensions Agency's website

If you are not receiving pension from the Swedish Pensions Agency

If you are not receiving pension from the Swedish Pensions Agency, we will provide you with a Life Certificate once per year.

How to fill out the Life Certificate

  1. Contact the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan), Swedish Pensions Agency, a Swedish embassy or consulate, the Church of Sweden, a foreign social insurance institution, notary public, foreign police authority or a foreign population registration authority.
  2. An administrator at one of the organisations mentioned above must sign your Life Certificate.
  3. After adding your own signature to the Life Certificate, send it to SPV, Jägargatan 1, S-851 90 Sundsvall, Sweden. It is also possible to send the life certificate form by e-mail:


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