Kåpan Tjänste - Born after 1988

Your employer pays money equivalent to 2 percent of your salary up to 44 375 SEK a month into your occupational pension. If your salary is higher, your employer pays in an additional 10 percent of your salary from 44 376 SEK and up.

Example: This is how much your employer pays

Paulo's monthly salary is 46 000 SEK. His employer pays money equivalent to 2 percent of his salary up to 44 375 SEK and an additonal 10 percent of his salary from 44 376 SEK to 43 000 kronor (= 374 SEK).

44 375 * 0,02 = 888 SEK
1 625 * 0,10 = 163 SEK

Total: Paulo's employer pays 888+ 163 = 1 051 SEK monthly to his Kåpan Tjänste.

The amount of 44 375 SEK is the sum of 7,5 income price base amount (divided by 12), which is what the calculation is based on.

Your money is managed by Kåpan Pensioner

The money that your employer pays is placed in a traditional insurance called Kåpan Tjänste with a guaranteed interest, managed by Kåpan Pensioner. The insurance is by default without a repayment cover. You can if you wish, choose to add repayment cover. To change repayment cover contact Kåpan Pensioner.

Read more about Kåpan Tjänste on Kåpan Pensioner´s website

If your employment ends

If your employment within the government sector ends, your employer stops paying pension into Kåpan Tjänste for you. Kåpan Pensioner will continue to manage the money until you retire and start to withdraw the pension.

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