How to apply

How you apply

Your occupational pension consists of three parts. How you apply for your parts function a little differently.

The selectable part

You can select which insurer manages this part. Your money may be with different insurance companies. You will apply for this part with the insurance company you have selected. 

If you have not made an active choice regarding who manages your selectable part, your money will be managed by Kåpan Government Employees Pension Fund in the form of a traditional pension insurance.

To begin receiving payments from your selectable part you need to apply with the insurer of your choice. You can see which insurer you have selected on your annual statement(Årsbesked) or if login to Mina sidor (only available in Swedish)

Mina sidor

Kåpan Tjänste

For the part Kåpan Tjänste you need to apply for payment from Kåpan Government Employees Pension Fund. Please see their website below for more information. 

When you retire at

Defined benefit retirement pension

How you apply depends on whether or not you still have government employment. If you are no longer state employed you can apply with the form found on our website. 


If you are still state employed you need to contact our Customer Service to receive application forms. 

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