Life events

New employment

As a new employee in the government there are some things that could be beneficial to know. You can also select who should manage part of your occupational pension. 

Ended your government employment

If your employment has ended your pension is affected differently depending on when you ended your employment. 

Pass away

If you pass away your family could receive money. 

New family situation

If you become cohabitant, get married or separate there are some things that you might need to think about. 


We want to bring your attention to a couple things if you are on leave for a new parent.

If you become sick

If you become long term sick you could receive sick pension. 

Occupational injury

If you have an occupational injury you could receive compensation.


If you are on leave of absence to study your occupational can be affected. 

Reduce working hours

If you reduce your working hours your pension will be affected.

Leave of absence

If you are on full time leave of absence your pension will be affected.

Additional payments

Additional payments to your occupational pension.

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