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Application for defined-benefit retirement pension - for individuals who have left state employment on or after 1 January 2003 SPV0098eng If you have ended your state employment on or after 1 January 2003 and want to withdraw your defined-benefit retirement pension.
Application for life annuity - for indivduals who have left state employment before 1 January 2003 SPV0040eng If you have ended your state employment before 1 January 2003 and want to withdraw your life annuity.
Application for survivor's pension (PA-91, PA 03, PA 16) (pdf, new window) SPV0108eng If you wish to apply for survivor's pension. The following are survivors: spouse, registered partner or cohabitant if you have been married or have joint children. Also children up to 20 years would be survivors.
Application for payment of Government and Social Insurance Office Service Group Life Insurance (pdf, new window) SPVGR3eng We pay compensation from the service group life insurance to the following: the estate, spouse, registered partner, cohabitant and children. Can be filled in by a person well acquainted with the circumstances of the deceased, does not need to be a survivor.
Application for family pension. according to the Occupational Pensions Agreement PA-SPR (pdf, new window) SPV0050eng If you are a survivor you can apply for a family pension. Survivors can be a spouse, former spouse or registered partner or children up to 19 years.
Notification of account number for pensions (pdf, new window) SPV9214eng Inform Swedbank which bank you have and the account number where the money is to be deposited. Send the form to Swedbank.

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