Terminated during 2003 or later

If you terminated your government employment during 2003 or later, the money you earned into your occupational pension remains with groups like us at SPV and Kåpan Pensions.

What happens with your occupational pension once you have terminated your government employment

What happens with your occupational pension once you have terminated your government employment depends on when you were born. Contact our Customer Service at +46 (0)20-51 50 40 for more information.

If you become ill or pass away within three months of ending your employment

If you terminated your employment and become sick or pass away within three months, a certain amount of cover remains. This is called "post-cover".

  • You may have the right to sickness pension if you become ill.
  • There may be money for your family in the event you pass away.

Post-cover applies only if you did not obtain new employment in which you have similar protection. If you would like more information, contact our Customer Service at +46 (0)20-51 50 40.

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