Pass away while in state employment

Your family will receive money if you pass away. This could be from different sources

Government service group life insurance - part of your employment

While in employment you have a group life insurance which would pay-out to your family if you pass away. The money is paid out as a tax-free lumpsum. You are insured as long as you are employed. It is your family that applies for the group life insurance. 

Who can receive payment from group life insurance?

The following would receive payment from group life insurance: 

  • Spouse, registered partner or cohabitant
  • Children(even childen not yet born)
  • The estate(funeral help)

You can change who should receive the money from the group life insurance. Please contact our customer service for more information or if you have any questions. 

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Survivors Pension - part of your employment

When you are a government employee you have a survivors pension. That means that your family can receive money if you pass away. Survivors pension is a mandatory part and does not affect your own occupational pension. 

Survivors pension pays out to your spouse or co-habitant. For co-habitant it is required that you have children together to be able to recieve money. If you and your co-habitating partner do not have children together you need to have previously been married to receive survivors pension. 

Survivors pension for an adult is atleast 5 250 SEK per month 

Survivors pension pays out eachmonth under six years or until the month that you would have turned 75 years. For 2024 the amount is 5 250 SEK per month. The amount could be larger since it is affected by your salary level.  If you wish to know the amount if you pass away you would need to contact our customer service.

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Survivors pension for surviving children is paid until they turn 20 years

Survivors pension to your children is paid each month until the month they turn 20 years. The amount is dependent on your salary level. If you wish to know the amount if you pass away you need to contact our customer service.

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Survivors pension according to older collective agreements 

If you belong to the older collective agreements PA-91 there are other regulations then the above. If you have any questions regarding this agreement please contact our customer service.

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Repayment cover - an optional part of occupational pension

Repayment cover means that your family can receive money if you pass away. The amount is dependent on the money in these parts. The parts of your occupational pension that you could have repayment cover is the selectable part and insurances with Kåpan Government Employees Pension Fund (Kåpan Tjänste, Kåpan Extra and Kåpan Flex). 

How to change repayment cover

If you wish to change the repayment cover this needs to be done directly with the insurer of your choice for the selectable part. If unsure which insurer you have for the selectable part please see your annual statement from SPV or contact  Customer Service to receive information. 

Add repayment cover 

You can always add repayment cover for future premiums. You can also add repayment cover within one year of having had a child, beoming a co-habitating partner or gotten married for all your insurances. When you start your first government employment and receive a new pension insurance you have six months to add repayment cover. Your pension will be somewhat lower with repayment cover. 

Remove repayment cover

You can remove the repayment cover as long as your insurance have not yet been paid out. If you are live alone and do not have children you do not need repayment cover. If you chose not to have repayment cover your own pension will be larger. 

Who willl receive your money if you pass away

If you have repayment cover the money will be paid out firstly to your spouse, registered partner or cohabitant and if you have none your children will instead receive the money. 

You can change who will receive or how they should be divided. For this a written specific beneficiary clause needs to be filed with your insurer. In a specific beneficiary clause you can also choose that your former spouse, registered partner, cohabitant or childer and foster children to former spouse, registered partner or cohabiter. 

Your survivors can apply for financial aid if they live under severe financial hardship

If your survivors are under severe financial harship they can apply for financial aid from one of the three trust that SPV administers. 

If you want more information please contact our customer service

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